How we allocate devices

We work with local schools and voluntary organisations to ensure that donated mobiles, tablets and computers go to people who genuinely need them. Please see our About Us page for the growing list of organisations we have worked with so far. We are always happy to consider others.

In general, devices will be allocated to organisations in the order in which requests are received and agreed.

How do you decide who gets what type of device? Laptops are in extremely high demand, closely mirrored by the demand for tablets. Our guidelines for allocation of device types are listed below. However, they are not absolute rules. If a prospective recipient’s needs fall outside of these guidelines, you are welcome to make a case for why their specific needs should be catered for.

  • Laptops - prioritised for students in year 6 and above, and adults in f/t education. If a student’s school requires specific software or operating systems, please supply the name of the school, the year(s) the child(ren) are in, and the specific requirements.
  • Tablets - prioritised for students up through year 5 and adults no longer in education
  • All-in-One and standard Desktop Computers - prioritised for adults with disabilities, the elderly and families with children in education year 5 and above, who have space for them. (Laptops and tablets can be difficult for older people and those with some types of disabilities to hold and use for long periods. They also can cause chronic back and neck problems, especially for the elderly.)
  • Smartphones - for individuals 18 & over
  • Basic mobiles - prioritised for disabled and elderly individuals who need a mobile for phone calls, without extra complications; when available, anyone requesting them will be considered

How many devices can be allocated to a single household? We consider:

  • What devices do they currently have, running on which operating systems? (We will try to match operating systems where possible)
  • Do they have confirmed access to the internet capable of supporting more than 1 device?
  • Our expectation is that all tablets & computers will be shared by students with their parents and other household members no longer in full time education. If sharing involves more than 3 individuals, another device can be requested. There should be 1 computer for each child in year 5 and above, shared with 1-2 older household members if needed. There should be 1 tablet for every 2 children in reception through year 4, shared with an adult where needed.
  • Max 3 devices per household in a single request. If required, more can be asked for in a subsequent request. Requesting organisations must ensure the first deliveries are working and being used in a satisfactory way before requesting additional devices for a household.