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At the moment, there are hundreds of people stuck at home without a suitable device to access the internet to communicate with loved ones, access educational resources and essential online services, or even to get some basic entertainment. It’s our aim to collect your unwanted devices and deliver them to people who really need them.

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Do you have a laptop you no longer need? A tablet sitting at the bottom of your cupboard? Or a smartphone gathering dust?

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We Need Volunteers

If you would like to assist with this initiative, please fill in the volunteer form and we will be in touch to see how we might work together.


Recent Feedback

was so happy yesterday, the tablet will really give her the opportunity to go back to college or get a job, you really transformed her life with that gift

When this pandemic happen i was so stressed i couldn’t go no where due my health condition schools closed i was on lock down had to borrow my neighbors device and my phone had broke i was isolated as not being able to socialise with any one could no teach my kids or receive any work from my kids teacher the kids was so bored nothing on television i couldn’t go shop due to my health condition… this organisation give us a few second hand devices so i could teach my kids they could study, my kids went from being sad to being happy again.

Thanks very much! I am learning so much English attending the class and can do other activities to improve my english and my skills. I was dreaming of having a tablet.

With certain members experiencing isolation and a lack of confidence, not only to participate in activities we are offering, but to reach out to other organisations who could support them during this difficult time, gearing them up with technology can dramatically change their lives, allowing them access to vital updates from our COVID-19 Guide on IRMO’s website to NHS UK and stay connected with friends and family.